Kundetilpasset Bluetooth Beacon Tracking ProduktUdvikling og Løsninger  ....    Customized Product Development & complete cloud Solutions                                                                              Bluetooth Tracking  &  NB-ioT  ( LTE 4G )  and LoRaWAN solutions  customized  
by  WedeCon Design

Bluetooth Tracking Beacon

Kundetilpasset Bluetooth Tracking Beacon ... 

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ElektronikUdvilking  + kundetilpasset  IoS , Android Smartphone App

 nRF51822     (+40 meter)                                                          nRF52832   (+40 meter)                                                          nRF52810    (+45 meter)                                                          nRF52840   (+160 meter)                                                                                       

CSR1010, CSR1012, CSR1014 .  Effective battery management ,   Bluetooth Patch antenna, 

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BlueGateWay - GSM - GPS - BluetoothGateway beaconGateway to NB-ioT

Kundetilpasset BlueGateway elektronik udvikling ...


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BluetoothMesh Network

Customized  kundetilpasset Bluetooth Mesh Sensors smart-home automation wireless gateway

NB-iot Solutions Danmark - Customized - Kundetilpasset

Automotive ioT Telematics Fleetmanagement R&D  ...  Hardware & Software to the Cloud

Bluetooth Access Gate Control 

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BeaconGateway to  WiFi Ethernet LAN

Kundetilpasset BlueGateway elektronik udvikling ...Bluetooth Gateway til WiFi / Ethernet Lan 100Mps ..  

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New customized ioT gateway product released for production .. 433Mhz to Nb_ioT.........also Customized Bluetooth GSM LTE Nb-iot Gateway Customized Bluetooth GSM LTE Gateway 

Customer case : Customized Bluetooth Beacon R&D  ....see more at

Customized ioT Antenna

Bluetooth Beacon Gateway 

Customized Bluetooth Mesh Gateway   ... link